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Group of Dancers


The Dance Program at Mater Academy is divided into 4 levels ranging from Dance 1 through Dance 4 in both the middle and high school courses. Our dance program is designed to prepare our dancers in both middle and high school with the elements of dance needed to progress accordingly through each level.


Once our students are enrolled in the dance class they become a Lion Territory dancer. By developing an awareness and exposure to the dance world we are giving them the opportunity to expand their vision of art, specifically in the dance aspect. As they go through the dance classes starting in the 6th grade they become open to various styles and genres of dance. One large aspect of our classes is exposing them to creating their own work (meaning their own choreography). Therefore, by the time they are in the 12th grade they can showcase their dances in Student Choreography Showcases. Our high school program students can also become members of our National Honor Society of Dance.

Dance Pictures
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