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Fingers Playing Piano Keys

Music Theory, Piano & Percussion

We at Mater Academy are very fortunate to have music be a huge part of our curriculum. The Band Program is home to the following groups;

  • Beginning Band (Middle & High)

  • Middle School Symphonic Band

  • High School Wind Ensemble

  • High School Jazz Band

  • Mighty Lion Marching Band

  • Color Guard (Eurythmics)

  • Tri-M (Music Honor Society)

  • Rock Band

Our primary responsibility is to provide students the opportunity to explore music whichever way they desire in an assisted learning environment. We have a unique feeder program, housing grades 6-12 , allowing students of all levels to find a place within our music ensembles.

Music has proven benefits for students, building confidence, teamwork, and discipline. An open, structured classroom environment is important for all students to be able to explore themselves through music. We strive to nurture inner expression that allows our students to grow not only as a musician, but as individuals, giving them confidence and essential life skills in and out of the music classroom.

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